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Frequently asked questions

What is Marbella Sailing School?

We are a brand new centre based in the luxurious Marbella , Spain. We offer full range of RYA courses from Beginner to Yachtmaster Offshore (and beyond) onboard our fleet of beautiful sailing yachts and motor cruisers.

What's the difference between Marbella Sailing School and another RYA Training Centre?

We think that have the best Yachts and the best location of any sailing school in Europe. We also pride ourselves on the standard of our instructors which is why people keep returning to us time and time again.

What do I get when I book a course?

Depending on the package you book but all of our courses are inclusive of Marina fees, fuel, RYA Instructor and certificates, School T Shirt.

Can I train on my own boat?

Yes we can arrange an instructor for you at the rate of 250 euros per day. You can also do Yachtmaster prep weeks and exams on your own yacht. Please contact us for details.

Do my miles with the sailing school count towards miles in my logbook?

Of course. All miles you sail count towards your logbook. If you are doing Yachtmaster exams then the mileage must have been accrued within the last 10 years.

Is fuel included in the course fee?

Yes it is. The fuel for the course you take is included in the fee you pay. Exam fuel is also included. At Marbella Sailing School we use the fuel we need so that you get the maximum out of your learning time.

I worry about my level of English, what happens if I can´t understand the instructor?

All RYA courses must be taught in English but don’t worry, our instructors are very experienced and used to teaching people whose first language is not English. They are also very patient and explain things in a clear and practical way.

Do you provide training materials within the course price?

Yes everything you need for your course is included in the price.

Are the classrooms air conditioned?

Yes, our classrooms are comfort cooled (air conditioned) and have abundent natural light.

Where & when does my course start and what do I need to bring?

Before your course, we will have told you where it is and when it starts as part of your booking confirmation.
Courses tyically start at 0930 on Monday morning and finish on Friday evening at approximately 1700. You are welcome to stay onboard the night before and the night after your course for an additional €50 per night. If you are taking a practical course on the water, you should keep a good look at the weather a day or two before your course. We almost never postpone a course due to weather, but safety is paramount so if we do then we will inform you the day before your course is due to start. We have only done this once in 3 years, so it's thankfully very unusual. All the information you need about your course, what to bring, what to wear and how to find our training locations can be found on our online booking page.

What can I do if I have left something on board the yacht?

Don't worry. People leave things behind all the time. We will keep it for you in our office and then arrange to send it on to you.

Are marina fees included?

All marina fees are included in the course fees.

Where will we stay each night?

You sleep on the boat in either one of the beautiful marinas or in an idyllic anchorage.

What is an example itinerary?

Courses start at 0930 on Monday morning and finish on Friday evening at approximately 1700. You are welcome to stay onboard the night before and the night after your course for an additional €50 per night.

The itinerary is dependant on the weather and will be decided by the Instructor once he or she has an up to date forecast. We usually leave our base on the first day and sail along the coast staying in a different Marina each night and return on Wednesday. You will also get the opportunity to anchor in beautiful bays for lunch and a swim.

Do I need to be physically fit?

Sailing inevitably involves a bit of physical activity but this is not strenuous. You will be outdoors and active all day so expect to be tired by the end of the week.

Do I need any previous experience?

For some courses yes, but for beginners courses no experience is required. Please see our course information pages for more details.

Will I get seasick?

All of us get seasick from time to time, even me if the weather is bad! Some people feel a bit queasy on the first day but this usually passes and is completely normal. If you are unsure whether you will be affected or not there are various remedies available which work well.

Is smoking allowed onboard?

No. All of our boats and instructors are non smoking

Will I get my own cabin?

Yes, unless you specifically request to share a cabin you will have your own cabin.

Do we stay in a different place each night?

No. We like to travel along the coast and explore the area. This gives you the true Cruising experience.

Do we stay in a Marina each night?

Usually yes but occasionally we stay at anchor also.

How many miles will we do in a week?

Between 80 and 120 on a typical course.

Who will the instructor be?

We have a pool of instructors that we use on a regular basis all of whom are RYA Yachtmaster Offshore as a minimum and have trained with us and know the standards that we uphold. If you require a particular instructor please let us know.

Do you have female instructors?

Yes we can provide a female instructor if required.

Do I need insurance?

We have our own insurance which covers you whilst on the boat. However we always recommend that you take out your own travel insurance to cover things such as lost luggage, flight cancellations and delays, and medical emergencies.

What qualification will I get?

Depending on which course that you attend, and on whether you are successful, you will receive a recognised RYA qualification. Please remember that the RYA standard is the highest in the world and just paying for a course does not guarantee that you will pass! You will have to work hard during the week and show your instructor that you deserve your quaification. This is what makes the RYA the most sought after licenses in the world.

Is accomodation included on the Theory courses?

For Yachtmaster Fast Track students accommodation is provided throughout your trainings. For all other courses if we happen to have a space available on a yacht then you are welcome to stay onboard at a price of 25 euros a night. Otherwise you will need to find accommodation ashore.

Are meals included within the course price?

Our customers usually prefer to provision the boat themselves. We provide the basics such as tea and coffee etc. This means that you get to enjoy the food that you like and also have the opportunity to eat ashore at the many wonderful restaurants in the area.

What safety measures are in place to combat COVID-19?

While It is virtually impossible to Social Distance on a Sailing Yacht, we have put the following procedures in place for each of our courses and milebuilders:

1. All students will sign a Medical declaration on arrival to state if they have had, or shown any symptoms of Coronavirus.

2. All students will have their temperature taken on arrival at the Training Centre. If anyone has a high temperature or shows signs of fever they will not be permitted to board the Yacht. This is to protect not only our instructors but all the other members of the Crew. Should this be the case, then that person will be given a voucher to use at anytime in the future with no date limit. This is in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. "Nobody will lose any deposit or course fees as a result of not being able to attend a course for any reason connected to Covid-19."

3. Masks will be provided to be worn onboard but are not compulsory.

4. The boats will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each weekend in order to prepare for the next weeks course.

5. Hand sanitiser will be freely available and you will be encouraged to use it regularly in order to maintain good hygiene on the boat. Especially in the food preparation area.
6. We are reducing the amount of students per boat

Common sense is going to have to be applied if we are to continue to enjoy healthy outdoor activities such as sailing. If we all agree to the guidelines out of respect for each other and follow simple hygiene procedures we will all be able to stay safe and healthy whist enjoying the sport we love.

Marbella Sailing School is not just about being out on the water. Part of the RYA curriculum includes theory-based courses and vital skill training including First Aid & VHF Courses.

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