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From ICC, RYA Day Skipper to Power Boat level One for the under 12s. and Power Level 2 for 12 years and over.  You're never too young (or old) to Start Power Boating

495 Euros

Powerboat Handling

Level 2

This two-day entry-level course provides the skills and background knowledge needed to drive a powerboat and is the basis of the international certificate of competence (ICC). 

The course focuses on low speed, close-quarters handling, man overboard recovery, an introduction to driving at planing speed and collision regulations. The course can be taken at inland or coastal locations. 

Day Skipper Motor

The four-day RYA Day Skipper Motor training course teaches pilotage, navigation, seamanship and boat handling to the standard required to skipper a small cruising yacht up to 24 meters safely by day in waters with which the student is familiar.

1250 Euros

RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency

This course is an introduction to personal watercraft techniques for launching and recovering a boat from a road trailer, everyday boat handling and the use of safety equipment.

This is a one day course designed for beginners. 

Course content: Preparation of boat and crew, boat handling, picking up and securing to a mooring buoy, leaving and coming alongside & being towed
After the course, you will have the ability to drive a Jet Ski.

Powerboat Jet Ski Marbella Sailing Schoo

495 Euros

ICC License Motor over 10m www.marbellas

1250 Euros

International Certificate of Competence (ICC) Motor over 10m

The ICC Motor over 10m is a great license to drive boats in European Waters and the preferred license for many yacht charter companies and insurance companies. The ICC differs from the RYA course mostly due to its focus on driving the boat and basic theory which does not include the heavy tidal modules found in the RYA Day Skipper, which is critical for UK waters. With the Meditteranean having essentially no tide, many opt for the ICC license. 


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Marbella Sailing School is not just about being out on the water. Part of the RYA curriculum includes theory-based courses and vital skill training including First Aid & VHF Courses.

View all of our practical courses right here. Take to the sea and discover the joys of yachting while learning from experienced instructors who will make sure you learn & most importantly, have a good time.

For those looking to go from Zero to Hero, look no further than our Fast Track programs. Each one individually designed for your needs, whether it be for Charter or Professional work within the maritime industry.

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