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Yacht Management

Packages to suit all boat owners needs.  From the day you buy it to the day you sell we will take care of you.

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Yacht Management


Join our Yacht Management program to maintain and ensure the upkeep of your boat throughout the year. Clients of Marbella Sailing School ... ensure that their yacht is maintained & cleaned on a periodic basis. 

Monthly or Yearly Packages Available

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What's Included

  • Weekly Exterior Clean

  • Polish stainless fittings

  • Internal Clean (if required)

  • Examine the bilges visually.

  • Visually inspect the fuel and water filters.

  • Check the oil and water levels in the engine.

  • Check the battery charger and the shore power connection.

  • Run Engines  (under load if poss.).

  • Run generators/thrusters on a regular basis..

  • Operate electrical systems/heads, and so on.

  • Check for chaff/security on all mooring lines.

  • Bad weather preparation/reinforce lines.

  • Check the fender heights and placement.

  • Air the boat (i.e. open hatches, empty dehumidifier).



Price per month on Length Over All (Minimum Fee €250)

  • Up to 40’            €7.50per foot

  • 41’- 45’.               €8.50 per foot

  • 46’- 50’               €9.00 per foot

  • 51’- 55’                €11.00 per foot

  • Over 55’             negotiable.


Deliveries, haul-outs, maintenance, bright work, interior detailing, and other services are all available at reasonable rates.

Prices are exclusive of IVA and may vary depending on the boat's design and equipment. Marbella Sailing School is not responsible for the vessel's general safety or seaworthiness; this is solely the responsibility of the owner.

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International Certificate of Competence (24m)

Don't have your license yet? Join us in the classroom and on the water and complete the ICC syllabus with us in Estepona. 

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Marbella Sailing School is not just about being out on the water. Part of the RYA curriculum includes theory-based courses and vital skill training including First Aid & VHF Courses.

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